Victor HanMassage Therapist

    Victor graduated from Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. During the years of acupressure work, he combined the traditional Chinese medicine theory of meridian with practical experience to form a unique acupressure methodology, which can effectively relieve chronic strain, sprain, and muscle strain. Victor also specializes in using the meridian acupuncture points to adjust Yin and Yang of the body, as well as the function of blood and viscera. His treatment can deeply relax the muscle, relieve fatigue, which will result in total relax and refreshing of the body and is well favored by customers.


    Specialized in using various acupressure techniques to effectively alleviate and reduce the following pain symptoms:

    1. Head, neck, back pain, upper limb weakness, and finger numbness;
    2. Shoulder pain (frozen shoulders);
    3. Back pain caused by back muscle strain and soft tissue damage.
    4. Lower back and upper leg pain caused by lumbar muscle strain.
    5. Leg pain caused by sciatic nerve and gluteal nerve damage.
    6. Neck muscle stiffness and pain caused by prolonged straining, sleeping in an uncomfortable position or stress.

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