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Tong Ren Tang (also known as Beijing Tong Ren Tang or TRT) was founded in 1669 and have been designated to provide remedies to the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty for nearly 300 years. Tong Ren Tang’s commitment: no manpower shall be spared, no matter how complicated the procedures of production are; and no material shall be reduced, no matter how much the cost is. As one of the largest TCM firms, the brand currently operates over 2500 clinics and stores worldwide, and several hospitals in mainland China.


In January 2016, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Vancouver Healthcare Center Co., Ltd was established in North Vancouver. The aim of our store is to serve BC residences with exclusive High-End Personal TCM services. Acupuncture has been used in China for over thousands of years and is widely accepted and recognized by the World Health Organization due to its effectiveness and very few side effects. We are honored to have the Vice President of ATCMA, Dr. John Yang (Dr. TCM, Ph.D.), BC Registered Doctor of TCM Julie Rao (Dr.TCM), and BC Registered Doctor of TCM Tina Tian (Dr.TCM) to guarantee you the most experienced and responsible medical services. Our healthcare center also offers top quality Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional supplements as well as packaged herbal teas and soup bases customized and designed for different conditions and needs. Besides medical services, our healthcare center believes in other alternative treatments to complement and help the body achieve its optimal function and balance naturally. Thus, we also offer Massage services, including Tui Na, Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Circulatory blend, & Traditional Thai Massage. Not only can Chinese medicine treat different illnesses, it is also used to maintain a good immune system and prevent unwanted illness.

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